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Holistic Health Nutrition Coach

Holistic Health Nutrition Coach

KK1 Holistic Health & Nutrient Coach

KK1 helps clients look at health holistically while guiding them toward a greater quality of life & long-term behavior change. KK1 uses an integrative approach to health with a blend of conventional & alternative modalities that work together to maintain wellness, heal and prevent illness in mind, body, & spirit.

KK1's Integrative Coaching Method:

  • hide Being & Doing: Core of who we are & what we do.
  • hide KK1 allows space for clients to grow.
  • hide Clients have different needs that support individual health & happiness. Needs change over time, KK1 adjusts approach to health & lifestyle as necessary.
  • hide Health is holistic. The physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual are interconnected & influence overall health.
  • hide KK1 provides clients with lots of different Holistic Health & Nutrition methods to choose from.

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Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not just the absence of disease.  Health Coaching is a client-centered process. 
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