KK1 Doc Categories

 KK1 Doc Categories


KK1 LLC is a technology-driven organization that fosters the capability to introduce innovative services and products. KK1 provides services in Oracle Netsuite, IT Support, Web Design, Health & Beauty, Health Coaching, Productions, and Events.

KK1 IT Services

KK1 Information Technology Services in IT Support, Oracle Netsuite and Web Design.

KK1 Contractors

KK1 Health & Beauty Med Spa Independent Contractors

Holistic Health Nutrition Coach

KK1 Holistic Health & Nutrient Coach

KK1 helps clients look at health holistically while guiding them toward a greater quality of life & long-term behavior change. KK1 uses an integrative approach to health with a blend of conventional & alternative modalities that work together to maintain wellness, heal and prevent illness in mind, body, & spirit.

KK1's Integrative Coaching Method:

  • hide Being & Doing: Core of who we are & what we do.
  • hide KK1 allows space for clients to grow.
  • hide Clients have different needs that support individual health & happiness. Needs change over time, KK1 adjusts approach to health & lifestyle as necessary.
  • hide Health is holistic. The physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual are interconnected & influence overall health.
  • hide KK1 provides clients with lots of different Holistic Health & Nutrition methods to choose from.

Free Consultation

KK1 Med Spa

KK1 Health & Beauty Med Spa is coming to Las Vegas, NV. Advanced Aesthetic Treatments, Health Coaching, Health Wellness Workshops, and Products


KK1 Merch

KK1 Merch

Durably stitched surfaces, clean finishes, and the perfect amount of shine to make you dazzle. The styles you'll want to wear every day are comfortable and durable for everyday use. You will wear it again and again, KK1 Merch is remarkable and loyal just like you.